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Connecting innovation and funding for impact.

Success made possible.

what we do.

We blend our passion for renewable systems and a sustainable economy with the technical and commercial expertise needed to help you succeed. Succeed in developing new products, technologies, and business models, and succeed in finding funding for research, innovation, impact and growth.


As consultants and advisors, we help entrepreneurs and businesses design and articulate sustainable impact-oriented strategies and then get funding - from grants and private investors - to make these plans happen.

As entrepreneurs and investors, we look for opportunities to invest our time, expertise, and money to build positive, high-growth-high-impact, ventures for a better tomorrow.


We partner with the best and are accomplices and collaborators on your journey, bringing specialist expertise and tools sharpened by years of hands-on experience. Together we can deliver results, long-term change, and sustainable impact.



and growth advisory  
and financial strategy
investment and ventures


Made Possible was founded with a belief that often the talent and the specialist knowledge and experience you need to thrive sits outside of the organization. It’s not that your people aren’t the best at what they do but rather that they need to keep being the best at what they do. We free you and your team by coordinating and harnessing the ideas, vision, and experience that you have and augmenting these with our specialist experience and skills, our methodologies and our tools.


Bringing technical competency brewed with creativity, investment know-how and commercial experience we focus on what we are good at and revel in our strengths and the depth of expertise this affords while aggressively partnering to bring scope and breadth of offering. As a team, we solve your most pressing assignments and unlock opportunities for innovation, technology, business, and commercial success.

Mark Sorensen

Phone: +64 21 444 603


The founder and business director of Made Possible, Mark has had the pleasure of working with some of the most exciting businesses around - from start-ups to corporates and government - as a business owner, investor, advisor, leader, and engineer. He has created opportunities for impact, investment and innovation in New Zealand and around the world. He brings all this, along with a whole heap of hands-on experience, to develop strategy, articulate ideas, find partners, and get the funding you need to realise your most exciting opportunities. 


Before starting Made Possible, Mark was with Callaghan Innovation where he was an Investment Manager and then led a large team of Innovation Specialists and Business Advisors located in 14 locations across New Zealand. Other roles include senior advisory and sector management positions at NZTE, senior management in a large engineering firm, and founding and running an engineering and business development consultancy based in London.    


A member of the Directors Institute and a proud member and supporter of the Sustainable Business Network, Mark’s commercial leadership and management experience is backed by a Master’s in Business Administration (University of Auckland MBA) and governance and engineering qualifications.




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